Tansatlantik 2012

by Marin Medak


I made my biggest dream come true, I rowed across the Atlantic ocean! Well, if I'm totally honest, I only rowed half of the Atlantic and my partners rowed the other half, hehe.
We were a team of four, Simon Osborne, a sea kayaking instructor and partner in Sea kayaking Cornwall, with whom I've already been on an expeditions (a year ago we kayaked the coast of South Korea), Steve Bowens, a colleague lecturer and a top surfer and windsurfer, Alastair Humphreys, a professional adventurer (!) that cycled the world, and myself, a young man with a lot of will.

We departed Puerto de Mogan on Gran Canaria in early January and started our 4700 km voyage across the Atlantic. The first few days were rough, hard and nauseous. Sea sickness got us and there wasn't much we were able to do except hold tight and pray that it would get better. After that, the life was perfect. Imagine not having to worry about the usual things, about work, university, money, family. Just living a peaceful life on a cruise to the Caribbean. A little bit of rowing, resting, sleeping, eating one slice of salami for each 100 miles rowed, telling and laughing at inappropriate jokes, fishing big fish, updating our website, eating nuts, chocolates, flapjacks.... that was us!

Of course there were some bad times, some got blisters on not so nice places, Backpacker's Pantry dehydrated meals made us vomit sometimes and the wind was not alway in our favor, but otherwise everything was just perfect.

We rowed in two hour shifts, 24h a day, and Sundays were not a day off. Luckily there is not an Ocean Rowing Union of workers, otherwise I might have ended in jail for making the guys do so much overtime!

And just when we fell into the rhythm, we suddenly saw Barbados on the horizon. It took us 45 days and 15 hours to cross the Atlantic with our own hands. It made me realize that the world is not so big after all and that many things are doable, even if they are sometimes hard.

Of course we were wearing Sandiline lycra top and unisuits. There was no shadow while we were rowing and we were constantly under the sun. The good material and design kept us safe from sunburn and they even worked for our ginger rower Alastair!


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