Uganda 2012

Paddler: Marcel Bloder


What a surprise. We woke up and found ourselves in one of our tents on the Hairy Lemon Island in Uganda again - this time I chose to take two tents, one for the stuff and one just for sleeping. With "we" I mean my girlfriend Julia Zisser and me.

When we arrived, there were many kayakers already, or more precisely it was really busy. Never the less I went kayaking immediately. It is so nice when you don't need the rope to get into the Nile Special Wave. One time we also went downstream for the 45 minutes distanced Malalu Wave. It is a much smoother wave than Nile Special but unfortunately very much like a diagonal wave. That means every time you land a move there is a big risk that the wave lets you down to it's right shoulder from where you almost can't get back onto the sweet spot.

Like every time we also saw a lot of animals for example lizards, spiders, snakes and so on. One day Paul - the Island Owner - found a Jamberson Mamba on a tree and showed us. Everybody went to photograph it closely. I had great respect for it because this is one of the most poisoned snakes in the world, despite it is quite calm and not aggressive, but you never know.

There have been a lot of positive changes in last few years on the Island and it got much better. I already miss the food and the daily freesbee golf - short "frolf" - game. It's a course of 9 holes: trees, tree-stamps, water-cans and so on. It is a very nice game to play.

I already can't wait to go there again next year.


Text by Marcel Bloder

Photos by Julia Zisser

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