Sandiline Promo Tour - Freestyle and Slalom world championship

How to travel 2700Km in 2 weeks?? ...follow me!!

by Valentin Grollemund

Thun, Switzerland

On Tuesday 1st of September I left Lyon with David Arnaud to go at the freestyle kayak world championships.

We enjoy a couple of days in Thun to watch the races and take it easy!!

On Thursday Elisa and Femke from Sandiline join us in Thun and we started officially our sandiline Europe promo tour!!

The Swiss dealer globalpaddlers was present at the freestyle worlds.

We enjoyed the Worlds especially the winnings of Emily Jackson (USA) and Alex "Jakette" Besseau (FRA) members of the sandiTribe on sunday!!

It was great to see one of the best paddlers of the world going big in Thun.

After the race we did a great party with all the paddlers supporters and others!!

I have to say you the party started with a massiv sandiline free drinks at the globalpaddlers stand and we went all together join THE party!!

Thanks to all the freestyle paddlers for this great show!!

We left Thun on Sunday morning direction Seu de Urgell in Spain... a long day on the road..

Elisa Femke and I slept at my grand parents home in Avignon and we finished the travel monday morning.

Seu de Urgell, Spain.

In Thun we met all the paddlers of sandiEquipe who were training and preparing the race of the year!!

The races started on Thursday with the qualifications C1 men and K1 weman to have the top 20 for the semi Final. Friday, same thing with the C2 and K1 men.

On Saturday took place the teams race qualification and final.

It was a great show for the crowd and all enjoyed to paddle this race!!

Team winners worldseu09.parcolimpic.com/champteams_eng.htm

On sunday it was the semi final and the top 10 go in final for all the idividual category.

Was crazy to all the paddlers did their best all along the course and... the winners wan!!

Peter and Pavol HOCHSCHORNER (SVK) were always awesome, Tony ESTANGUET (FRA) found back his 1st place on the podium before MARTIKAN (SVK), Jasmin SCHORNBERG (GER) was unbelievable and Peter KAUZER (SLO)was flying on the water!!

We have to notice the great ranking of BOZIC Luka and TALJAT (SLO) Saso in C2, the good 2nd of Boris Neuveu (FRA) in K1 men and the really good 4th of Claudia Bär in K1 weman.

Individual winners worldseu09.parcolimpic.com/champsingless_eng.htm

Unfortunately sandiEquipe had some bad news, with the "bad" (or not good ;-)) ranking of Daniele Molmenti, Julien Billaut, Dejan Krajl, Helena Kaliska and Jaroslav Volf & Ondrej Stepanek.

The new slalom rules looks like to be more dificult for the paddlers... the regular and unregular paddlers.

After that we had to go back in Slovenia at the sandiline office to pick up the stand for the Kanu Messe where we'll ge tomorow morning... We missed the party of the end of the Worlds but... we'll have an other one at the Kanu Messe and at the sickline in the next weeks!! ;-)

Right now we're a packing for the Kanu Messe, so I you come there you'll be welcome to visit us!!


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