Seayak expedition Kornati 09

new seakayak adventure by: Miha Terdic, Grega Brovinsky and Dejan Kralj

text by: Dejan Kralj

A year was around since our last sea kayak trip and we were back to the Croatian sea, again in middle Dalmatia. This time the plan was to start from Zadar, go around Dugi otok, than along the west side all the way to the south of Kornati archipelago than back up towards Zadar. The tour was approximately 180 km long and we had five days to do it.

As always fully loaded but this year without problems at the border, we hit the road to the sea early in the morning.

The morning of the second day was amazing, but we had 45 km in front of us. Fortunately with the wind at our back and nice waves to surf we had a lot of fun & at the end of the day the distance seemed shorter.

The Kornati islands have some magic spirit, their beauty makes time a relative thing, so on the third day we finished paddling when it was already dark. We met with some good friends who cooked a nice diner accompanied with a glass of wine. A perfect ending to a fabulous day.

Next day we started at eight in the morning, wind was still strong so we rode the waves from the side.

From the second the fourth day we had strong north wind with some pretty high waves. The conditions just were perfect for testing new sandiline sea kayak spray tops & they did their job perfectly.

Last night we had a nice living room under the sky. One of the beauties of this islands is that they are almost unpopulated so you can unplug everything and rest your body & mind. Last day on the sea we had milder conditions with no wind & almost no waves. Perfect for 35 km of easy paddling.

After five days of paddling the bodies were tired but the mind was calm & rested, we were sad because this adventure was over but joyful because of all the impressions that will accompain us thru the daily struggle till the next sea kayak adventure … Korčula 2010!


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