Autumn fun in France

Paddlers: Valentin Grollemund, Eric Deguil, Stefun Pion, Raph Thiebaut

It seems like the autumn in Europe is really friendly to the kayak freaks this year. Rain, providing nice water levels, followed by wonderful sunny days, is producing magnificent fun and spectacular  scenery of warm autumn colors. The French connection is playing at the rivers and in gorges.

The area of Central and South West France has a lot to offer. And it’s not just the wine, cheese and fantastic scenery. Every year the last weekend of October takes place the "Agout river event" in Brassac, near Castres in France. Agout river is an easy class III/IV- river with one class V- rapid where loooot of paddlers have some massive carnages! Many kayak clubs and paddlers are coming there to enjoy 2 days on the river in a great atmosphere! The famous "Escalier de le Peyre" rapid is the place, where paddlers divide to spectators and those that do it.

Something completely different than crowd at Agout was a two day self support trip at Dourbie river. Taking it to it’s basics. “We load our stuffs in our kayaks for 2 days with sleeping bags, a tarp, warm clothes, tin dish, food, etc... And here we go for 2 days on the river with our 35 kg kayaks!” is what Valentin wrote on his blog. 17 km of the upper Dourbie river, a really wonderfull section with great class IV/V+ rapids all along and a really smooth and pleasant kayaking style, and all that in a beautiful valley.

Valentin went to shoot some sequences of his brother’s new movie “Runnable” to the Tarn river. The deepest Georges to be found in Europe and one of the most famous rapids in France, the "Gouffre des Meules" (class V) is what we can see in the Trailer for the new movie of Gautier.

Enjoy the autumn, it’s colourful and it spoils us with water.

Dourbie river by pion stephane
"Runnable" (Coming June 2011) by Gautier Grollemund


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Raph Thiebaut Raph Thiebaut Eric Deguil
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Valentin Grollemund Agout River Dourbie Valley


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