Nile sessions

Paddler: Marcel Bloder


This winter I went again to the Freestyle Kayaker's paradise. Uganda is one of the best places in the world a freestyle paddler can go to during the rough European winter. After paying for the flight you can get all-inclusive camping pretty cheap at the “Hairy Lemon Camping Island“, that is a true paradise island... What's new there is that they have flowing water that is transported by a water wheel installed beside the island. It's feeding the showers and new flushing toilets. On the roof of the main house they installed solar panels that offer the charging of laptop, camera, mobile phone and so on. It is also unlikely to miss the “Hairy Lemon Red Tail Monkey Family”, a group of around 10 -15 animals making their daily rounds on the island. Sometimes you might also see snakes, spiders, frogs, lots of beautiful birds - not the chicken :) - and last but not least the busy ants and termites… and the “beautiful” island dog Elsa!

This year my decision was – despite my family was not very happy with it – to go there for one month over Christmas and New Years. Unfortunately, there were a couple of unlucky coincidences influencing my trip and cutting it down from four weeks to “just” three: first of all, my flight there had a delay of 5 days (thanks to very Christmas likely winter conditions at the airports in Europe) and also 7 paddle days less because I had sickness such as flu and puking (I am happy it wasn't malaria that some others got), also ear infections were very common on the island.

Well, the White Nile and its awesome waves pay compensation for the illness and all together it was a great trip! Most of the time I spent with my Czech and Slovak friends around Nina Halasova and Peter Csonka, but I met also a lot of other very nice people. Jason Fox and I repaired Chagga's broken paddle (one of the best local paddlers there). Now his paddle is made out of pieces of four different ones. Of course we gave it also an awesome blade design made out of tape, writing Chagga and our names on it and at the end put one Epoxy layer over it. We hat lots of fun making the design...

Most of the time there were about 40 people on the island but on Christmas Eve and New Years it was more quiet because a lot of people went up to the Nile Rivers Explorers Camp at Day 1 Section to celebrate (better known as Partycamp). I also planed to go there for some whitewater downriver paddling but since I already had lost so much time I couldn't get myself away from Nile Special and Club Wave. That's why I only went off the island just twice in all three weeks, first time for going to the city (Jinja) and the second time for my one and only downriver trip at day 2 this time. The rest of it I just went for awesome big wave surfing...

I can tell you, I lived and tested routine of the day of my dreams:
Weak up, breakfast, Club Wave session, chill-out that contains read, study, sleep, chess (OK, OK - it was rather like: sleep, chess, read and at last when my bad conscience was really pursuing me, also studying), lunch, chill-out, Nile Special Wave session, dinner, social sitting together (play cards and so on), and again sleep...

Summarized it was a really sick trip and I can hardly expect more the next time!

Well, so: Jambo and see you in Uganda! :)



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(Photo: Marcel Bloder)

Children in Naizingo
(Photographer: Marcel Bloder)

Honza Sago Spindler
(from Czech Sandiline Team)
(Photographer: Marcel Bloder)

Vladimir Cako and Ondřej Křivánek
(Photographer: Marcel Bloder)

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The Water Wheel for transporting the water to the showers and toilets (Photo: Marcel Bloder) My place Hypoxia California Roll
(Photographer: Tuomas Varaala)
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Air Blunt (Photo: Tuomas Varaala) California Roll (Photographer: Dave Wortley)    
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