Freestyle winter training - Pau

Paddler: Alex Besseau

The Last two weeks where the french spring break, mostly used by frenchies to go skiing. But for the french C1ers, it was the time to get a real training period. So I went through the France to join my friends Fafa, Jo Marmak, Malamaxx, his young bro Arthur and Rodolphe in Pau, Pyrenees. There I've trained first 2 days with Fafa on his local spot: Pau white water course's hole, and a surprising wave-hole in Tarbes down town. I must confess that even if I don't like holes and I'm supporting natural paddling, this slalom course was the most beautiful slalom spot I ever met and a realy nice place to meet a lot of my long times slalome friends, ex-trainers and admire a very high level of paddling.

The weather there was very cold, windy and cloudy during all the training days, which led us to Tournon St. Martin for a more regular spot. There I was happy to feel just dry thanks to my 3 layers combo. My hands and head were so red from the cold temperature plus the wind, but I was warm inside the Sandi gear. I lend my drysuit to the teamers for filming from the deep water, and they all enjoyed the gear a lot. Malamax even tried the combo for a kayak session and got impressed by the quality and the comfort. I personally like this feeling of staying confident to be dry at the end of session, especially in this time of less motivating rides.

At the end of the week, we got back to Pau and only enjoyed an old fashion festival in the old town... Something like girls costumed as hunters, men as girls and some people dressed like bears. bears where chasing girls for sexual abusing with fake long red penis, which hunters had to get to stop bears and make them their slaves... something strange from our regional folklore to start a hard party under the rain in the middle age center with all the Pyrenees buddies.

Hopefully next time we'll get some big wave surfing to have more to say than small holes and red penis hunting :S

All pics by Jo Suc and Malamax Mitaut



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