Our olympic games 2008

RTEmagicC_Bejing2008sMore than we could ever expect!

All together we made kayak and sailing gear for more than 90 athletes from 27 different nations. Each partecipant got specific gear for its needs and environment conditions - heavy waters on the wild water channel and sultry weather on the hot asian sea.

At this point we would just like to say "Thank you!", thanks to all of you who chose to compete the most important race with gear designed and made in our little slovenian factory. You are so cool and we are very proud to work with you. Your passion and dedication is our driving gear and makes worth all the extra work!





Canada Lisa Ross
Lisa Ross


Croatia - official team design 02 Croatia - Mateja Petronijević Croatia - Luka Radelić Croatia - Ivan Kjaković
Official Team Design Mateja Petronijević Luka Radelić Ivan Kljaković Gašpić
Croatia - Šime Fanela - Igor Marenić Croatia - Luka Mratović Croatia - official team design 01  
Šime Fantela & Igor Marenić Luka Mratović Official Team Design  


Slovenia - Vasili Zbogar Slovenia - Maucec - Dekleva Slovenia - Nevcny - Hemljak  
Vasilij Žbogar  Maučec & Dekleva Nevečny & Hmeljak  
Slovenia-official-sailing-team-design-01 Slovenia-official-sailing-team-design-02    
Official Sailing Team Design Official Sailing Team Design    
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