Extraordinary results for our sailors in London 2012
This summer everything is about the Games, the biggest sport event in the world. Nations are competing between each other, who will get more medals.
Yet, there were others that had for a very long time known that their athletes were the best. Among them was sandiline. A small company from Slovenia that makes quality technical sailing gear.
We believed, we quietly waited and the results are here.
In the most prestigious sailing class finn, there was a tough battle among the best. In the Medal race there was a big battle for the medals. But on the podium, there are just 3 places. As the majority of sailing enthusiasts expected the gold medal again went to Ben Ainslie from Great Britain. This is the 5th olympic medal (the last four are gold) in a row! This result made Ben Ainslie the best olympic sailor in the world, surpassing the legendary Paul Elvstrom. By the way Ben Ainslie was hiking with our hiking pants. 
Our sandiLiner Jonathan Lobert won the Bronze medal with an outstanding performance in the medal race. SandiEquipe members Ivan Kljaković Gašpić and Vasilij Žbogar finished on the still first class 5th and 6th place. 4 sailors wearing our equipment in the first 6. Isn't this incredible?
In the laser class we entered the medal race with one medal in the pocket. SandiLiner Pavlos Kontides from Cyprus was competing with Tom Slingsby for the gold medal and had nothing to lose. At the end he won the silver medal.  Yet, there is something special about this medal. This is the first olympic medal for Cyprus ever. After the race he said: "I guess back home they are waiting for me and when I get back there it will be huge celebrations. I still didn't understand how huge this achievement is for my country, the first ever Olympic medal but I guess when I have it around my neck and when I am back home with my compatriots then I will really understand what's going on." The second sailor that could have won a medal was Croatian Tonći Stipanović. At the end the judges prevented Croatians to celebrate. He got a penalty that costed him another big achievement, he finished 4th. This is still a great achievement, but we know Tonći wanted more.
For those who like the statistics, just 2 olympic classes and 2 medals for our sailors, well 3 if we count just the hikers. Gorgeous!!!
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